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Missing Inka

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Cancelled parties,by banning before,or raiding during the happening!

   Cancelled parties,by banning before,or raiding during the happening!


   While reorganising the newspaper articles, many about problems with organising parties, during the upgrade of the webpage, I also got news of some similar problems now, I thought it curious to highlight this continuing hassle for the trance scene, and similar happenings.

    I was told by one of the organisers, about the Ozora party 2014, at Shiva Valley in Anjuna, was cancelled at the last moment, because 3000 people had joined on south Anjuna beach. A while later, I read in the paper about a party in Sacsayhuamán, Cusco, Peru, that is rather hilarious. A “clandestine electronic party” organised by Israelis, that the local police officer raised to the level of ”orgy”, that had been going almost on a daily basis. During the raid, some was found “in flagranti”, i.e. having sexual relations, “an attack on our cultural patrimony”. The arrested girls seemed preoccupied, while the guys behaved like the party was continuing. The agents found marihuana, crack, liquid cocaine, alcohol, and KONDOMS ! And DANGEROUS aerosols of paint, that could be used on Inca stone walls ! The reason for the raid was the strident music and unrestrained screams! Most of the arrested were released the day after, but 7 Israelis and two Peruvians, the organisers, were accused of microcomercialisation of drugs, and attempt against the patrimony and, the ecology ! All in all, sounds like good fun !

{mp4}Police arrest 60{/mp4}

This reminds me, of a New year party that me and Goan Michael organised for Chapora fort, probably in 1990, when we had all the deco made, the equipment waiting on the bottom of the hill, and our contact with the authorities came and told us, if we tried to bring it up to the fort, we would be arrested. Later, a party was improvised in Disco Valley, for the first time, if I don’t remember wrong.




About joebanana, the upgrade is almost done, I’m preparing the videos, and we have been hacked again, this time erasing the whole database, apparently by some Indonesian guys, as if we don’t have problems enough, as it is ?!? I’m still hoping for some active involvement by users, commenting on pictures or articles, adding blogs, about travels, great parties, or whatever comes to mind. BOOM SHANKAR ! Missing Inka !

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