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                                                  ICONS AND REALITY!



This picture of Rihanna during a recent show, brings to my mind, "Did he stick it in" the main preoccupation of humanity, during the last years of Bill Clintons presidency.

  I wanted to publish this article well before the election, but due to problems with the webhost, I'm content, that it is published today, election day! We still don't know who won!

We've never had such a good moment, USA free of debt, no major wars, terrorism was still that, inducing terror, but not being suicidal, to the degree it has now reached.

And now another Clinton is close to reaching the presidency, and the opponents are saying "Clinton to prison", and people do not even understand, what is "the personal server" that she used, and this being her crime.


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This is the logo of a festival in Barcelona, that obviously is not about skulls and snakes, but using the icon, for it's "cool", and no worries! Here, close to Barcelona, they made a "Kali Mela" recently, more of the same, and it is the second year already!



In June 2016, in Karachi, a most serious musician, Amjad Sabri, was assassinated, while walking to the television studio, where he was participating in a program. I
remember seeing him here in Barcelona, with his brothers, "The Sabri Brothers" who have recorded a great version, that they played live as well, "Must Kalandahar", pure
trance! click here for related video: Even though he made a good living from his music, he still lived in the old
family house, where he "got advice" from his deceased father. Before they shot him, he asked for clemency, referring to his 5 small kids, but padabam!


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Good musicians killed, and the world listens to hip-hop, or versions of versions, and during the recent all saints day celebrations, the clown assassin, was the favourite disguise? 




In the states, apparently the police have issued a statement, “ Don’t shoot the Clown”
Yes, I know it’s Halloween, but still, it’s for fun, NO? !


                                      Boom Shankar! Anders, the Missing Inka !


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